A letter from Rev. Melanie Kirk-Hall…She’s back!

Hello St. Luke’s friends!

I am SO very thrilled to writing this message from the comfort of my office because I am back!  After a beautiful maternity leave, I am so excited to be back at St. Luke’s. I am glad to be joining you all in the fabulous ministry that happens in our corner of Sarnia.  To be working, worshipping and being church with you makes my heart so full.

I want to start with a profound thank you. Thank you to all of you who stepped up to off leadership, who stepped into new roles, who supported Carey and all the guest worship leaders as they joined the community,  who made sure the life and work of St. Luke’s continued. You, my friends, are phenomenal! I know it was not always easy, perhaps even downright hard by moments. But I also know that you did some amazing things while I was on leave. Beautiful and important things happened and continued because of your work. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I can’t wait to connect with you all again. Whether it be on a Sunday morning, with a phone call or visit, I am looking forward to hearing about how your life has been since I saw you last.  Like before my leave, I plan to be in the church office in the mornings Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. I always welcome visitors, so feel free to pop in if you are in the neighbourhood! I also will be getting out for visits again.  If you or someone you know needs or wants an in-person visit, please let me know!

Many blessings dear ones. It is SO good to be back!



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